IPMS Phoenix- Craig Hewitt Chapter

Every year at our Christmas party, we present a couple of our members with awards to honor them for their service. 
Those awards are the Pat Fowler Member of the Year Award, and the Modeler of the Year Award. Below is some basic information about the awards along with a list of the recipients.

"Pat Fowler Member of the Year Award"

Started in 2001, this is an award given to the member who has done the most for the club that year.  It is essentially a service award, and generally is only awarded once to a person. The chapter president nominates a name or two and the entire executive board affirms the choice. Note that there is nothing written in the by-laws about this award. The name of the trophy is the Golden Corsair, which is a deliberately cheesy gold-painted metal model of an F4U Corsair.

"2016 Member of the Year Winner"
Tim Bongard
What else can you say about someone who always goes above and beyond by putting others first.  Tim has been tireless not only in the last year, but since he became a member of IPMS Phoenix. Without Tim’s dedication to the club, I don’t know how we would have succeeded.  
He spent 2016 making sure the club had everything it needed.  Starting first by being elected Treasurer, Tim powered through making sure that all the club members would have new name badges. He continually goes out of his way to use his molding and casting experience to help club members out.  Tim also stepped up to be a major player in the 2017 club Group Build by offering his word working skills to make the large base display.  
IPMS Phoenix is so proud to have Tim as the 2016 Member of the Year.

"2016 Rookie of the Year Winner"
Lyn Gorton

Talk about hitting the ground running, Lyn epitomizes the phrase.  From the first meeting Lyn attended, he started volunteering.  
Whether it was helping out at the monthly club judging, taking part in numerous Make and Takes in town or helping out at the 
club’s booth at Saboten-con, Lyn is a true asset to this organization.  Lyn made sure to get involved in any way possible.  
He has helped out Modelzona with numerous types of assistance both in the planning and execution.  
Through his unwavering efforts, Lyn is a model (get it)of what new members should be and we are so proud to have him as the 
2016 Rookie of the Year.

"2016 Modeler of the Year Winner"
Jim Pearsall

What more can you say about Jim than what he always says, “OK, I’ll do it.”  Always a volunteer, Jim is there to help.  He served as both Vice President and Treasurer over the years.  In addition, he has also been a webmaster for the club website.  Not content with all that, Jim has been a longtime provider of reviews and material to the IPMS Phoenix Corsair newsletter.  Ever the model builder, Jim still finds time to conduct decal making demonstrations and has been the go to guy for all the club’s custom decal needs from personal projects to Group Builds.  Without guys like Jim, it would be tough for clubs to have so much fun.

"2016 Lifetime Award Winner"
Wendell Rogers

Any person brave enough to tackle being the Modelzona Chairperson is worthy of heaps of praise.  
But to do it for the last several years in a row?  That is worthy of so much more. ongoing years of dedication to the club.  
Tackling a demanding role as Modelzona Chairperson is something that Wendell has never flinched at. 
He continues to make Modelzona one of the largest and most successful scale model contests in the United States.  
He is always able to deftly handle any situation that arises.  Beyond Modelzona, Wendell has been a staple of the 
club and contributed to several club Group Builds. Thank you so much for your hard work Wendell.
IPMS Phoenix is so honored to bestow the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award upon Wendell Rogers

"2015 Lifetime Award Winner"
Chuck Ludwig

     A member who tirelessly gives of themselves to the betterment of the club is the best kind. That is exactly who Chuck is. Throughout 2015, Chuck did everything that could be asked and then some of a member of IPMS Phoenix. Whether it is the many volunteer opportunities at events promoting IPMS Phoenix or the mid-day, mid-week volunteer sessions to help school and community groups better understand scale modeling Chuck did it all. Further, the 2015 IPMS Phoenix group build for the 2015 Nationals could not have taken place without his help. Chuck was a two-fold participant by both taking part as a builder and as the person to drive the entire display to Columbus and assemble it. Throughout all of 2015, Chuck was the example of the ultimate member.

"Past Lifetime Award Winners"
2014 Craig Pierce

This is the type of member who doesn’t know the word “No”.  Craig Pierce fully earned the Pat Fowler Member of the Year award in 2014 through selfless determination to further IPMS Phoenix and make it better.  He took the initiative to run for his first elective office as club Vice President.  By stepping up and taking on this role, Craig revolutionized the monthly club raffle, Modelzona raffle and other prize events.  Using data gleaned from club members and their interests, Craig improved the raffle by offering a wide array of kits resulting in a dramatic revenue increase for the club.  Craig also made it a priority to participate in nearly every monthly model contest by actively building new models.  He volunteered to hold a presentation at a monthly club meeting and was always there to help anyone who needed it. Further, Craig volunteered to participate and help run the 2015 IPMS Phoenix Nationals Group Build and be the head Armor judge at November’s Modelzona.

2013 Bill Dunkle
2012 Mike Mackowski
2011 Wendell Rogers
2010 Bill Sanborn, Mike Ronnau
2009 Jim Pearsall
2008 Don Crowe
2007 Ed Kucharski
2006 Bruce Briggs
2005 Keenan Chittester
2004, 03, 02 – None awarded
2001 Dick Christ

"Modeler of the Year"
This started in 2007, using a point system to determine the most prolific and successful model builder for that calendar year. At each monthly meeting (except August) we have a themed contest which is judged by three or four members. The winner receives a gift certificate to a local hobby shop, and his/her name is recorded for consideration as Modeler of the Year. Club members who earn awards at our local contest, ModelZona, also earn "points" toward Modeler of the Year. No official points are kept, and the idea behind the award is to have fun and also provide some motivation to get folks to actually finish a kit. In 2012 we implemented a revised system in which there were two winners at each monthly meeting – one Novice builder and one Advanced builder.

"Past Modeler of the Year Winners"

2015 Advanced - Gary Thomas
2014 ADVANCED – Jim Pearsall
2014 NOVICE – Charles Swanson
2013 ADVANCED Craig Brown
2013 NOVICE ?
2012 NOVICE Mike Pabis
2012 ADVANCED Craig Pierce
2011 Kevin Wenker
2010 John Brubaker
2009 Steve Collins
2008 Jim Stute
2007 Craig Pierce

"Rookie of the Year Winner"
 2015 Kurtis Chandler

      It is rare to find a new member who immediately wants to get in on all the action and help wherever they can. That is exactly what Kurtis did in 2015. Shortly after joining, Kurtis began his mission to get involved. Whether it was through participating in monthly club contest judging or through taking part in several club committees to investigate and make recommendations on items, Kurtis did it all. By stating verbally he wanted to be involved in IPMS Phoenix, his actions demonstrated his desire to be a true team player. Rounding out the year, Kurtis was pivotal in helping the electoral committee while even throwing his hat into the ring to run as an officer for 2016-2017. All of IPMS Phoenix is thankful for Kurtis’ involvement in 2015 and look forward to many more years to come.

 2014 Kelley Liebst

Throughout the year, Kelley proved to be a constant  volunteer for IPMS Phoenix.  She made sure to participate in as much as she could, becoming involved in many activities along the way.  Whether being a volunteer at Make and Takes across the Valley helping young builders with their first models or actively being involved at the September Scale Modeling Clinic, Kelley stepped up in a way that few other newer members have.  Further, Kelley was a constant participant in several areas of November’s Modelzona.  In addition to all this Kelley found time to work on models and participate in the monthly model contests at club meetings and take part as a member of the 2015 IPMS Phoenix Nationals Group Build.  When others join a new organization, Kelley chose to not only keep coming back but finding more and more ways to get involved.

 "IPMS Phoenix Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients"
Honorees are individuals who have exhibited a long term effort to further the role of IPMS Phoenix and the enjoyment of the scale modeling hobby through considerable time, effort and energy toward making IPMS Phoenix a great club. Without them, club would not be what it is today.Honorees are bestowed a lifetime membership to IPMS Phoenix in recognition for their actions and involvement with IPMS Phoenix.

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Chuck Ludwig

 A true Jack of All Trades, but a rare Master of them All, Chuck Ludwig is a shining example of IPMS Phoenix. For years, Chuck has been one of the first people to step up at any opportunity to help the club. Years of helping at school groups, volunteering for summer camp modeling assistance and taking part in numerous promotional opportunities has shown that Chuck is the type of member all clubs would have. Never one to say “No”, Chuck has always volunteered his assistance for whatever the club has needed. Further, Chuck served as an officer twice, as Vice-President and Secretary. Without Chuck’s selfless dedication to IPMS Phoenix, the club would not be what it is today.

 2014 Recipients

Bill Sanborn

A constant volunteer, Bill has been active for years with IPMS Phoenix.  No one is more singularly identified with a component of IPMS Phoenix as Bill.  Without him, the Make and Takes over the last decade would not have succeeded.  By actively taking on the responsibility for planning the Make and Takes, IPMS Phoenix has been able to reach out to countless kids across the Valley and introduce them to scale modeling.  Bill has been an presenter at club meetings on multiple occasions.  In addition, Bill even volunteered his time by running for and being elected club Treasurer.

Keenan Chittester

The epitome of volunteerism, Keenan has done nearly anything asked of the club over the last decade.  Ranging from being elected to multiple officer positions as Vice President and Secretary to handling any project thrown at him, Keenan has done it all.  He is a two-time newsletter editor in which he shaped it into the publication we know today.  When Modelzona needed someone to take the reins and make it an amazing show, Keenan volunteered and turned it into one of the best scale model contests in the United States. Whenever the club needed someone to develop and handle any print related duties, Keenan used his expertise to devise and print out any material needed ranging from flyers, Nationals materials and more. Lastly, Keenan was able to on numerous occasions handle webmaster duties.

 Steve Collins

 A standout leader as President of IPMS Phoenix, Steve has been a versatile member of the club for years.  While being elected twice as President, Steve was also able to take the helm of the club’s 2010 IPMS Nationals chairmanship.  Using a great deal of time, effort and energy, Steve lead a fantastic Nationals that further cemented IPMS Phoenix as one of the premier scale model clubs in the country.  A longtime sage of modeling wisdom, Steve is always gracious enough to share his model building knowledge and tips to any and all members.  Whenever the club has needed Steve, he has been gracious enough to volunteer through committees and seminars at meetings and the Scale Modeling Clinic.

Bruce Briggs

 Bruce is a consummate professional in IPMS Phoenix.  He has participated and lead in a variety of fashions for years including being club Secretary.  Bruce skillfully researched and lead the 2007 IPMS Phoenix Nationals Group Build for the Planes of Luke AFB.  His leadership helped direct the Group Build to several trophies and a first place award.  Thanks to his work, the Group Build is now on permanent display at Luke AFB.  Often available to give a meeting presentation or participate in numerous ways, Bruce also had a lasting impact to all IPMS Nationals.  He personally developed the registration software for the 2004 IPMS Nationals in Phoenix.  His amazing talents provided a amazingly smooth process which was recognized by IPMS USA who now mandates the use of his software for all IPMS Nationals registrations.

Ed Kucharski

Always ready to help IPMS Phoenix, Ed Kucharski does whatever he can.  He was elected twice to officer positions as both Vice President and Treasurer.  Rare is the time when he hasn’t volunteered whether for helping to organize Modelzona or IPMS Nationals or taking part in the monthly meeting judging.  Ed coordinated the remarkable 2nd place finishing 2013 IPMS Nationals Group Build for IPMS Phoenix.  The history of the Arizona Air National Guard display even found a home at the Arizona State Capitol Museum where it was viewed by 100,000s of visitors.  Not to rest on his accomplishments, Ed has always been willing to volunteer for Make and Takes even being able to frequently make the midday events to help out children at local schools. Lastly, no Modelzona or Phoenix IPMS Nationals would be complete without having Ed handle the registration table ensuring that all the visitors are processed through in a quick and proper fashion.

Keith Pieper

Without someone like Keith Pieper, clubs like IPMS Phoenix would not be able to survive and flourish.  Keith has done it all.  Not only as Treasurer but also as club President.  Unique to Keith is that as owner of Avalon Books and Hobbies he has provided longtime support to the club.  Through offering his store as a meeting place for Modelzona, IPMS Nationals and other event planning sessions to being a perpetual sponsor and supporter of the club, IPMS Phoenix is proud to have Keith involved.  But that is not all Keith has done.  Without him, the process of managing the many vendors selling their wares at Modelzona and IPMS Nationals would never have run smoothly. Lastly, Keith took it upon his own initiative to find a permanent home for IPMS Phoenix after membership swelled causing the club to outgrow two other meeting facilities.

Jim Pearsall

What more can you say about Jim than what he always says, “OK, I’ll do it.”  Always a volunteer, Jim is there to help.  He served as both Vice President and Treasurer over the years.  In addition, he has also been a webmaster for the club website.  Not content with all that, Jim has been a longtime provider of reviews and material to the IPMS PhoenixCorsair newsletter.  Ever the model builder, Jim still finds time to conduct decal making demonstrations and has been the go to guy for all the club’s custom decal needs from personal projects to Group Builds.  Without guys like Jim, it would be tough for clubs to have so much fun.

Mike Ronnau

 A participant from the beginning, Mike Ronnau is always there for the club.  He has served as both Treasurer and webmaster to the club website.  Mike’s involvement with IPMS Phoenix extends beyond the local club to the national level where he has been a prominent supporter of IPMS Phoenix.  For years, he has continued to offer advice and tips for model building to those at the meetings.  In addition, Mike has always been one to volunteer to help on committee assignments.  However, part of Mike’s lasting legacy is one that the club enjoys annually.  Mike took it upon himself to revive, restore and better the IPMS Phoenix Christmas party to a major event complete with prizes for both members and their guests.

Mike Mackowski

When you look for an example of involvement, Mike Mackowski would be the poster boy for IPMS Phoenix. Never one to turn down an opportunity to help the club, Mike has done a lot.  Not only has he served as club president, but Mike has made his mark on both a local and national level.  He has served as head judge for both Modelzona and IPMS Nationals.  A constant participant, presenter and club committee chair, Mike is always one to help.  He has also on several occasions found guest speakers for club meetings.  Mike also made his mark by pioneering a way to show video feed of club demonstrations.

Club Award Winners