MEETINGS are on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the American Legion Post #1, 364 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix. The Post is a couple of blocks north of Van Buren on 7th Ave. Look for the large flag pole. The Legion has a grill on site, and we are welcome to show up early and get a bite to eat.

If you would like to join, Annual Dues are $12 per year, Personalized Name Tag is an additional $5.

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IPMS is an International organization with a national branch here in the USA and local chapters and IPMS-Phoenix is one of the largest local chapters in the country! You can join and belong to either or both organizations - IPMS-USA and IPMS-Phoenix, but we would encourage you to  join both because each have special benefits. IPMS-USA has a very professional bi-monthly Journal that members receive and membership in the local chapter gets you copies of The CORSAIR, special local opportunities and other local club benefits.

Join our local chapter or join the National organization and enjoy the benefits of membership!

​IPMS/USA is the national organization for scale modelers in the U.S. In addition to publishing the IPMS/USA Journal six times a year and organizing the IPMS/USA National Contest and Convention, the organization does other things behind the scenes that make the hobby more fun and help to ensure its survival and growth.

Perhaps the most important thing IPMS/USA does is to provide an insurance policy for every IPMS/USA-sanctioned event or meeting in the U.S. In many parts of the country, securing a site for a meeting or a contest requires insurance as a first step. Clubs affiliated with IPMS/USA get this through the organization; without this service, clubs would have to go and secure a policy on their own. The result would be far more expensive than the small amount IPMS/USA asks to charter a chapter ($10!) and it would require volunteers at every club to hunt down a policy on their own. The upshot of this: there would be far fewer clubs, club meetings or contests without the basic insurance coverage provided by the IPMS. If you go to a model contest or club meeting and enjoy yourself, you should thank a member of the IPMS/USA; their dues helped make your fun possible.

The organization also targets newcomers to the hobby through its make-and-take program. In the past, these have focused on children, but new programs are aimed at adults returning to the hobby or starting modeling for the first time.

The benefits of belonging to the organization are many. You’ll get the Journal mailed to your home every other month, and you’ll get a discount at some contests. You’ll be able to enter the IPMS/USA nationals, if you’re so inclined. Most of all, though, you will be showing support for a 5000-member organization whose sole goal is to make the hobby bigger, better and more enjoyable for all modelers. Please join us in helping to spread the fun of scale modeling!

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